A sheep's head National Animal Disease Center

USDA, Agricultural Research Service

The largest federal animal disease center in the United States. The center conducts research to solve animal health and food safety problems faced by livestock producers and the public.

Mallard duck swimming in water National Wildlife Health Center

DOI. United States Geological Survey.

Researches diseases impacting the health of wildlife; current projects include: Avian influenza; chronic wasting disease; West Nile Virus; Amphibian malformation and decline; Avian vacuolar myelinopathy; foot and mouth disease; avian cholera; avian botulism; avian pox; duck plague; vulture decline; and others.

Two cows Understanding Bluetongue Virus

Science Daily. July 11, 2008.

Bluetongue virus was reported in the United Kingdom last year. The virus is transmitted to ruminant animals by infected midges; posing a major threat to farming. Research findings regarding replication of the virus may lead to new vaccines to prevent and control the disease.