Vectors and Pathways

A winding road Transportation Related Pathways Diagram (PDF | 178 KB)

Diagram of transportation related pathways including all the various pathways related to the transportation of people and goods, such as miltary travel and transportation of military vehichles. Created by Don MacLean USFWS

Guidelines to Prevent the Spread of White-Nose Syndrome in Bats

DOI, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Northeast Region

Human cavers may inadvertently spread a fungus thought to cause white-nose syndrome in bats. Thousands of bats in the Northeast have succumbed to the disease. This site provides recommended procedures to prevent the spread of the disease.

Fruit fly Living Industry Pathways (PDF | 186 KB)

Diagram of living industry pathways for the spread of invasive species; including all pathways associated with living organisms or their by-products. Created by Don MacLean, USFWS

A moose standing in water Diagram of Miscellaneous Pathways (PDF | 175 KB)

Pathways not covered under transportation or living industries, including biocontrol; other aquatic pathways; natural spread; and ecosystem disturbance. Created by Don MacLean USFWS

A moose standing in water Vectors and Pathways Resource Lists

USDA, National Invasive Species Information Center
Resources related to pathways and risk assessment

ship in harbor Microbial Stowaways: Are Ships Spreading Disease?

Science Daily. May 29, 2008.

Ships are inadvertently carrying trillions of stoways in their ballast water tanks. When pumped out, invasive species could be released into new environments, where disease-causing microbes pose new risks to public health.