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ITAP Subcommittees

ITAP is composed of species/subject based subcommittees supported by an Operations and Management Subcommittee and a Communications Subcommitee. These groups form the working base of ITAP.


The Animal Pathogens Subcommittee promotes communication and coordinated interagency responses to natural and agricultural invasive animal pathogens.

The Invertebrate Species Subcommittee facilitates timely communication and action across federal agencies to address invasive invertebrate issues.

The Plant Pathogens Subcommittee promotes proactive protection of natural and agricultural resources from invasive plant pathogens.

The Systematics Subcommittee (SSC) has a 20-year vision: to strengthen national and global systematics to enable prediction, effective prevention, and management of invasive species to ensure biosecurity, public health, economic security, and environmental and agricultural security and sustainability.