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USDA. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

Citrus greening is one of the more serious diseases of citrus. The bacterial disease is spread by the Asian citrus pysllid. This site provides links to news, national program and state partner information.

USDA. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. Plant Protection and Quarantine.

Descriptions of plant pests under APHIS management.

Stripe rust on wheat. Photo by Yue Jin. (ARS Photo Gallery)

National Plant Board

A non-profit organization to foster effective and harmonized plant health programs with representatives from regional, state, and national organizations.

Scientist Looks through a Microscope

North Carolina State University

Plant disease forecast information for blue mold; Cucurbit downy mildew; and soybean rust.

Soybean Rust

Plant Management Network.

Links to specimen collections relevant to plant pathogens

computer and open book

Links to data systems relevant to plant pathogens

Array of Scientific Journals on Display

Links to publications relevant to the study of plant pathogens

Plant pathologist examines fungi

Information about current research efforts related to plant pathogens

Venn Diagram Showing Red, Green and Blue Interlocking Circles

Diagrams and resources related to the spread of invasive plant pathogens