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Phylogenetic Tree Diagram

UK. House of Lords. Science and Technology Committee.

Report of the third inquiry into systematics and taxonomy. The inquiry addresses the questions for the UK: 1) is essential taxonomic information available to understand ecosystems; and, 2) are there experts with the skills needed to understand and predict the impact of climate change on biodiversity.

"Title Page" Species Plantarum (1753) by Carl von Linné

Explore the National Agricultural Library's extensive collection of materials by or about the "Father of Taxonomy."

AgNIC logo

North Carolina State University

Guide to insect systematic resources. The site includes general information; links to insect collections; identification tools; organizations; and educational resources.

Botanical illustration

Links to important specimen collections

computer and open book

Links to data systems in the field of systematics

Array of Scientific Journals on Display

Links to publications of interest in the field of systematics

Scientist with Microscope

Information about current research efforts in systematics