"...The library of the United States Department of Agriculture, one of the richest in the world in our field." Stefleu and Cowan. April 1979. Taxon. p. 82

A box turtle in the grass Standard Common and Current Scientific Names for North American Amphibians, Turtles, Reptiles & Crocodilians

The Center for North American Herpetology

Fifth edition. Authors Joseph T. Collins and Travis W. Taggart. 2002. A checklist and reference to the standardized common names and currently recognized scientific names of all genera, species, and subspecies. The sixth edition is expected in 2009.

Plant pathologist examines fungi Out of sight, out of mind: fungal taxonomy faces extinction in UK


There are fewer than ten mycologists left in the UK, many of whom are approaching retirement. This special report documents the fungal taxonomy crisis in the UK.

Systematic Collections of the Agricultural Research Service

USDA. Agricultural Research Service

Report describing 12 special collections held by the Agricultural Research Service on animal parasites, fungi, bacteria, insects, nematodes, plants, and seeds.

Systematics and Taxonomy: Follow-Up Report with Evidence

UK. House of Lords. Science and Technology Committee.

Report of the third inquiry into systematics and taxonomy. The inquiry addresses the questions for the UK: 1) is essential taxonomic information available to understand ecosystems; and, 2) are there experts with the skills needed to understand and predict the impact of climate change on biodiversity.

Phylogenetic Tree Diagram Extreme diversity of tropical parasitoid wasps

Smith et al., (2008). PNAS, August 26. 105(35): 12359-12364.

Combines morphological analysis, ecology, and DNA barcoding and reiteratively using specimens maintained in permanent collections to study parasitoid diversity and host specificity.

Why Systematics Matters (PDF | 1.12 MB)

USDA. Agricultural Research Service. and Animal and Health Inspection Service.

Scientific names accurately define an organism or set of organisms. This information is fundamental in predicting the behavior or biology of the organism.

Array of Scientific Journals on Display Literature Cited in the Situation Report for U.S. Systematic Biology (PDF | 259 MB)

ITAP Systematics Subcommittee

List of articles and books cited in the Situation Report for U.S. Systematic Biology

"Title Page" Species Plantarum (1753) by Carl von Linné Linnaeus Collections at the National Agricultural Library

Explore the National Agricultural Library's extensive collection of materials by or about the "Father of Taxonomy."


Magnolia Press

A rapid international journal for animal taxonomists. Some articles are open access while others require a subscription. The online index includes author and taxa browse options.

The National Agricultural Library Digital Collections (NALDC)

National Agricultural Library

NALDC provides full text access to USDA publications digitized by the National Agricultural Library. Titles relevant to systematics include