Data Systems

Global Invasive Species Database

ICUN, Invasive Species Specialist Group

Focuses on invasive alien species that threaten native biodiversity, with information on plants, animals, and microbes. Species information is either supplied or reviewed by experts from around the world.

Phylogenetic Tree Diagram Integrated Taxonomic Information System

U.S. Department's of Agriculture; Interior; Commerce; Smithsonian Institution; Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

ITIS is a partnership of Federal agencies formed to satisfy the need for scientifically credible taxonomic information. ITIS provides a database of scientific names, each record includes data quality indicators: crediblity ranking, latest record review data, and global species completedness.

Invasive Animal Databases

USDA, National Invasive Species Information Center

Provides a list of databases for invasive animal species (vertebrate and invertebrate).

Hand clicking computer mouse NatureServe Explorer


Database providing information for more than 50,000 plants, animals, and ecological communities in the United States and Canada. Data available includes conservation status, taxonomy, distribution, and life history.